I'm an independent journalist and correspondent for High Country Newsa non-profit magazine about the American West. I write mostly about the environment, migration, justice, and rural communities, but am generally drawn to stories about the human experiences behind big, complicate issues. My work has also appeared in The AtlanticHakai, Mother Jones, Slate, Guernica, Truthout, OnEarth, and others. In 2016, I was a nonfiction fellow at the Carey Institute for Global Good

I grew up in Toronto, studied literature at Williams College, and received an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Columbia University. Previously, I've worked as a newspaper reporter in Chile and as a scriptwriter for a documentary about mining conflicts in Peru. When I’m not writing, I enjoy riding my bicycle long distances, backcountry skiing, climbing and running in the mountains. I'm currently based in a small town in western Colorado.

I’m available for freelance writing assignments, narrative consulting, research and editing work, and adventures: sarahtory [at] gmail [dot] com