I'm an independent journalist and a correspondent for High Country Newsa non-profit magazine about the American West. I write mostly about the environment, migration, justice, and rural communities. I’m fascinated by people and places on the margins. I love a good story. My work has also appeared in The AtlanticHakai, Slate, Guernica, Truthout, OnEarth, Aspen Journalism and others. In 2016, I was a nonfiction fellow at the Carey Institute for Global Good

I grew up in Toronto, studied literature at Williams College, and received an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Columbia University. Previously, I've worked as a newspaper reporter in Chile and as a scriptwriter for a documentary about mining conflicts in Peru. And before that, I rode my bicycle 3,000 miles to the tip of South America. I'm currently based in Carbondale, Colorado.

I’m available for freelance writing assignments, narrative consulting, editing work, and adventures: sarahtory [at] gmail [dot] com